I am Gilbertº Prujansky, a designer and creative director, father of two, currently based in Rio, and always in search of a better user experience.

UX is a mindset. — @gprujansky

I'm an Internet pioneer, since '93 studying and designing interactive products and services, throughout all kinds of media, from different perspectives, always learning, changing and adapting, to reach the balance between business and user experience. 

I have spent the last three years ahead of the greatest mobile squad, creating great apps and solutions, and leading the UX web team, for the Classificados do Rio, at Infoglobo — one of the largest media news corporation in Brazil. Before that, in the USA, I was the Creative Director and Product Owner at the house agency of SDI Labs — a fast-growing sports nutrition industry, building successful brands from scratch, like Muscle Warfare and Fizogen, both sold and absorbed by bigger players later on. Still in the USA, I was an UX director and social media consultant for Comet Creative — a boutique ad agency, leading award winning branding and experience projects for the Government and local clients. Great times.
Back in Brazil, before leaving to US, I spent 8 years ('99-2007) at TV Globo / globo.com— the largest South America media conglomerate, leading an agile web team of developers, designers and information architects, creating and evolving every single website of the journalism department - some of them had up to 3 whole different redesigned versions. We did some well-known entertainment shows websites too, and I also art directed special TV shows openings and motion videos, while helping to create the UX mindset and culture within the corporation. I've learned a lot there.
Before that, I have been an award winning art director and designer at great ad agencies, such as Salles Publicis, Propeg, and Artplan — where I also founded the first web/online department within an ad agency in Brazil, back in '94.

I'm also a serial entrepreneur, proud co-founder of three running start-ups at the moment: Fanbeer — a membership based discount club for craft beer enthusiastics, Querubem — a social focused cashback system, and Senkan — an educative games and branded apps mobile studio.


Please refer to my Linkedin Profile to find more details of my work path.

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PS: I'm currently designing a new UX cases portfolio, but in the meantine, you can take a look at my (very) old visual portfolio here or maybe an even older version here .